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Sex Ed with DB

Nov 18, 2022

Today, I’m sharing a preview of a new podcast I’m enjoying and think you will, too. On Come As You Are, educator and bestselling author Dr. Emily Nagoski answers questions about sex with the latest science. You’ll get a modern guide to sexual wellbeing, backed by groundbreaking research about desire, anatomy, orgasm and much more. In conversation with her producer, Emily debunks cultural myths and flips the script on everything you thought you knew about sex and sexuality. In this preview, Emily answers a listener question about losing the motivation to have sex and introduces us to a concept known as the "dual control model,” which offers a simple but radical shift in the way we think about horniness. Listen to Come As You Are at


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About Sex Ed with DB:

Sex Ed with DB is a feminist podcast bringing you all the sex ed you never got through unique and entertaining storytelling, centering LGBTQ+ and BIPOC experts. We discuss topics such as birth control, pleasure, LGBTQ+ health and rights, abortion, consent, BDSM, sex and disabilitity, HIV, sex in the media, and more. 


Sex Ed with DB, Season 7 Team:

Creator, Host, Executive Producer: Danielle Bezalel (DB)

Co-Producer and Communications Lead: Cathren Cohen

Co-Producer: Brian Peoples

Social Media Intern: Sarah Kelly